Electronic filing cabinet

  • Therefore is like an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information.

  • It lets you capture, organise and access content, images, documents, reports and other vital information with superb efficiency.

  • Stored information can be swiftly and easily located via a universal interface, or even the web.

  • And because it's so user-friendly, all your employees can start utilising it immediately, with minimal training and zero frustration.
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  • Therefore™ gives you the ability to scan documents and import electronic information from hard disk.

    Both barcode and OCR recognition are supported and can be used to quickly index documents, split batches and process automatically.
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  • Therefore enables you to manage documents via an automatic routing system.

    This allows staff, suppliers or even customers (with your expressed permission through secure logins) to share information, collaboratively and remotely – all in real time.

    Therefore™ can manage all file formats, including paper documents, barcodes, emails and electronic files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs.

    And employees can easily manage information remotely from their smart phone or tablet with the Therefore mobile app.
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    With Therefore, you can edit a document while others view it simultaneously – with no interference.

    Therefore's highly effective workflows allow secure approval processes on the move, so that you can make decisions on the go and take collaboration to the next level.

    Therefore smoothly integrates with your existing workflow and with its powerful workflow functionality, you can configure how information is routed throughout your organisation and control what tasks are done, and how long the process takes.
    This powerful feature allows you to create multiple workflows.

    Editable templates allow you to visualise processes, and the drag and drop functionality makes it easy to transform paper-based workflows into streamlined digital ones

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  • Therefore allows you to use full-text or index search.
    So even if the key word you are looking for is only available in a PDF document, you are able to find it thanks to the market-leading OCR engine built in the system.

  • It also enables you to retrieve captured documents to be saved as either a searchable PDF or PDF/A.

  • Text can be quickly and easily searched, and documents can be indexed for full text searches.
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