UniFlow/Print Fleet Management Software

Print through a common user interface

UniFlow is a powerful software that is both modular and configurable, so it can be adapted to fit the specific needs of any business; large corporations, small offices, education establishments, local government, copy shops and print rooms.

  • The Universal Driver allows users to print through a common user interface regardless of the make or manufacture of the device. This removes the need to understand different print drivers and ensures the correct print output with no loss in functionality.

  • The reporting system allows an organisation to monitor, track and control how much each printer, department, project group or user is costing the company.
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    Follow Me Print

  • The Secure Printing module ensures sensitive documents can only be retrieved when the user authenticates at the device using an appropriate identification method.

  • uniFLOW also enables "Follow Me Print" where a user can print a job on any device in the fleet regardless of where the job was sent to or from.

  • Customised workflows can be created so that documents can be scanned directly to their email accounts, network folders or document management system for increased efficiencies.
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    Enhanced security monitoring

  • Scanned documents can be transformed into useable electronic form or converted to a format, such as Microsoft Word, so the user can edit the document at their PC.

  • uniFLOW guarantees enhanced security by monitoring all device activity.
    A record of every copy, print, fax or scan performed is stored for audit purposes and examined for key words to prevent confidential documents being reproduced.

  • The Rules and Routing module allows organisations to set intelligent rules around printing, ensuring that users print to the correct device based on a variety of criteria such as the type of job or the number of pages.
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    Award winning solution

    A well-controlled scanning and print environment allows staff to power through jobs, increase overall output, and spend more time on revenue-generating tasks.

    uniFLOW is an integrated print, scan and device management solution designed to increase cost control, improve productivity and get the most out of your Canon and third party device fleet.

    This award winning solution has helped businesses across multiple industries and sectors to realise significant cost savings and increased staff productivity, all through one solution platform.

    uniFLOW has a modular and configurable design enabling it to be scaled to all types of businesses.

    From large corporations and SMBs, to education and Government departments, uniFLOW will help simplify and optimise how documents are printed, copied, scanned and faxed across single or multiple office sites.

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