Desktop Printing Solutions

  • If your small business is looking to make a big impression, consider a Canon multifunction printer.
    It will give you a complete print and document solution.

  • With a multifunction printer, you can increase uptime, improve efficiency and maximise your office print productivity.
    At Gunners, we understand the business of print, and we'll help you optimise your office print process to help your business grow.

  • For fast, quality and cost-efficient printing your business can rely on, choose from our range of laser printers.
    Designed specifically for small businesses, our range of laser printers makes it affordable for you to produce quality output, quickly and efficiently, time after time.

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  • Multifunction printers for your workgroup

    Developing business potential and nurturing growth is never easy.
    But with Gunners assisting, you'll have the solutions and technology to help you succeed.

    Print and document management issues can slow your business down by making your team less productive and inefficient.
    Gunners can help with a range of solutions designed for medium businesses just like yours.

    By introducing innovative office technology and clever solutions to your business you can overcome these hurdles and step closer to achieving your business goals.

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    Light Production

    Impress your customers with more options and quality print results, delivered efficiently and with impact, with Canon's digital presses.

    Our digital presses have inspiring functionality and features and our intuitive technology provides you with a printer that is user-friendly and reliable, so you and your team can complete jobs quickly, easily meeting tight deadlines.

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    Large format Printers + Scanners

    If you need to produce oversized documents or artwork, our range of Large Format Printers will expand what your business can do.
    It's not hard to be inspired by our Large Format Printers.

    Now you can produce true, brilliant colour oversized documents and artwork of the highest professional quality.

    If you'd like to expand what your business can do, our range of Large Format Printers have features that are easily tailored to meet your needs.

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    Transforming paperwork into manageable digital files and reducing manual processes is the way of the future for any small business.
    Our range of scanners makes it easy.

    Using a scanner to digitise your business documents means all your information can be easily and securely stored, accessed and shared at the touch of a button.
    Our range of scanners partner perfectly with our printers to make work flow swiftly and easily through your business.

    Imagine no more time-consuming, frustrating manual processes and paperwork. It will free your team to focus on what's really important – building your business.

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    Refurbished Machines

    We also carry refurbished machines in our warehouse. These machines have been traded in or upgraded as part of a fleet replenishment.

    If you need a multifunction device, but can't warrant the potential cost of a brand new machine, contact us and we will let you know of what machines we have in stock that will suit your needs.

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